Dark Insanity; A Horror Fiction Story

Hello 🙂

This fiction story is written by a really close friend. She began writing it from way back December 10, 2011. And seriously, not being biased or anything, her story got me hooked. You can try reading it here. It’s definitely worth reading. Her story features a great deal of insanity and horror that will definitely make you keep reading.

Title: Dark Insanity
Written by: NyxAzriel, FictionPress
Category: Horror
Words: 6,542
Genre(s): Mystery/Horror
Rating: Rated: T
Summary: Eris Wilson is an ordinary person. An ordinary student. An ordinary daughter. This doesn’t mean that she’s “safe” from all the “happenings” that she could encounter within the other world that we know. Let’s see how she handles it,shall we?
By the way, she has already written up to the 3rd chapter.  I know she is still writing the next part of it, so let her know what you think of it and she just might post the next part soon. And if you enjoyed it, why not give her a review? She pretty much deserves it. 🙂

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