Chapter 2 for I’ll Always Be Listening is up!

This is the last chapter for the two shot I made. It is available in both Wattpad and FictionPress.

I hope you will find the time to read it and possibly, review. 🙂 Thank you so much if you do so.



I now have a wattpad account! :)

And I also uploaded “I’ll Always Be Listening” there. 🙂 And, I also made a cover for it.


If you haven’t read it yet, I hope you’ll read it soon. 🙂 If you have checked it out, tell me what you think. You can comment here or at the reviews at Fiction Press or at Wattpad. Thank you if you do. 🙂


“I’ll Always Be Listening”, my very own one/two shot.

Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this. 🙂

I’m no expert/professional writer, but I really love writing. I uploaded a one/two shot at today. I was reviewing for my preliminary exams while listening to sad piano songs when the idea came to my mind.

Title: I’ll Always Be Listening

Category: Romance

Words: 1,536
Genre(s): Drama/Romance
Rating: Rated: T

Summary: Emily has lost everything, but underneath the sufferings, she
discovers a silver lining. Will her love be reciprocated? Will she find
happiness? One/Two Shot.

You can read it here. If you liked it, comment on it. Maybe tell me if I should make it a two shot? I am contemplating on writing a second part but I’m not yet sure. 🙂

Thank you if you check it out. 🙂

My current reading list! :)

Hello! 🙂 Well, I haven’t had much time to read lately because my preliminary exams are coming up starting tomorrow! :O

But, I did get to finish reading Pandemonium. I will post about it soon. On my current reading list is Before I Fall and Delirium (both by Lauren Oliver, and yes, I know, I didn’t know Pandemonium was the second book so I read it first! I didn’t do reasearch pre reading because I didn’t want to spoil the suspense! Oh well, I learned that next time I should consider looking up the first book of a trilogy.) and also Passion, the third book on the Fallen series by Lauren Kate. 🙂

I am also working on my very *own* novel. 🙂 I haven’t finalized the first chapter yet, and I barely have time to write because of school. :O Hopefully, all this studying will pay off and I will end up in the Dean’s List! ❤

Hello and welcome to The Reading Pile!

Hey there! I created this blog to write about the books/stories/fanfictions that I have read or is currently reading. I am really passionate about reading and it’s really important to me because it helps me find inspirations for the novel/stories I am currently writing. First of all, NO I am not signed to any publisher or whatever, I’m only 16 and I only write stories/fanfictions because I love writing.

As a reader, sometimes when looking for new books to read I look up reviews of books to make sure that I will enjoy reading it or even get inspiration for it. Not that I’m saying that I’ll only read books/stories with good reviews. But it will contribute to weighing if I will go ahead and buy the book/read the story or not. So, this blog, I hope, will be updated with books I have read and stuff like that and also I will allow readers to post comments/their own reviews of the books and/or stories.

I hope you’ll like it!