I now have a wattpad account! :)

And I also uploaded “I’ll Always Be Listening” there. 🙂 And, I also made a cover for it.


If you haven’t read it yet, I hope you’ll read it soon. 🙂 If you have checked it out, tell me what you think. You can comment here or at the reviews at Fiction Press or at Wattpad. Thank you if you do. 🙂


“I’ll Always Be Listening”, my very own one/two shot.

Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this. 🙂

I’m no expert/professional writer, but I really love writing. I uploaded a one/two shot at fictionpress.com today. I was reviewing for my preliminary exams while listening to sad piano songs when the idea came to my mind.

Title: I’ll Always Be Listening

Category: Romance

Words: 1,536
Genre(s): Drama/Romance
Rating: Rated: T

Summary: Emily has lost everything, but underneath the sufferings, she
discovers a silver lining. Will her love be reciprocated? Will she find
happiness? One/Two Shot.

You can read it here. If you liked it, comment on it. Maybe tell me if I should make it a two shot? I am contemplating on writing a second part but I’m not yet sure. 🙂

Thank you if you check it out. 🙂